Be wise, immunise

I hate taking my kids for their jabs. The look on their little faces when they realise what’s happening… gah. But a grown-up’s gotta do what a grown-up’s gotta do.

This morning, I made the mistake of explaining to Eva why we were going to the doctors – her pre-school MMR booster – as we were heading to the car. I thought she might appreciate the heads up.

Having managed to extract her from the garden where she’d run off to hide, I carried her, sobbing, to the car. Getting into the doctors’ surgery was even more interesting as she elected to put off the inevitable by lying on the ground in the car park screaming, meaning I had to hand Alex over to a stranger while I prised her off the tarmac. Alex, unimpressed by being shoved into the arms of an enormous bald gentleman he’d never met, also chose to proceed down the tantrum route.

So far, so fun. Eva’s jabs brought on tidal waves of tears from both kids but we did it. Look at my brave little pin cushion. Somebody’s getting an ice cream later.


The cocoon

It was never my intention to update this blog all the time, or turn it into a ‘thing’, chiefly because that would’ve entailed finding out what a ‘thing’ is, and then doing it. It’s more a place for diarising life with young kids (because I am extremely forgetful), sharing the funny stuff (because I don’t have colleagues), and venting (because I usually do that quite angrily and out loud while I’m having a shower and I’m not sure if the neighbours can hear me through the wall – this is quieter).

I’m finally sitting down to write this post about life as a stay-at-home parent slash freelance journalist slash can you be a stay-at-home parent with a job slash no not really. It’s been percolating in my brain for a while and, unlike any notions I’ve had over the years to get tattoos, hasn’t gone away. It’s about the overwhelming blanket of nothingness that can drape itself over you when you stay at home with kids, and what it feels like to be under it.

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Maybe It’s Just Wind?

Welcome to Maybe It’s Just Wind, my blog about motherhood. I’m Lizzie, a former newspaper journalist turned freelance writer who is obviously eminently qualified to talk about parenting, having given birth to two entire children. I know! Nobody’s ever done THAT before.

I squirmed in horror when I first heard the term ‘mommy blogger’ – as if ‘blog’ isn’t bad enough. Blog. Bllllog. Blog. It sounds like a frog farting in a pond. And anything with the word Mommy or Mummy attached, urgh, come on! As a feminist, the exclusion of non-mothers alone offends me. Plus, grown women referring to themselves as Mummy is terribly creepy. I can already feel myself making a great impression in this new community.

But I suppose that finding the concept of mommy blogging a bit icky isn’t a reason not to do it. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the all the STUFF and the THINGS that come with having a baby. I had to go out for lunch with a friend and be talked down from an existential crisis when I’d only been on maternity leave for two weeks, the baby hadn’t even been born yet. After years of treading water romantically and professionally (that’s a nice way of saying I was perpetually dating f***wits and doing the same job for ages), getting hitched then having Eva and Alex (that’s them, the children) has been utterly bonkers. And for many women, this most disruptive, amazing and exhausting period in our lives coincides with the most time we’ll ever have spent on our own. Our phones and computers are our lifelines, our parenting encyclopaedias, our entertainment, our 24 hour support network.

I was speaking to a very wise woman the other day who pointed out that it’s really important for women to have a voice. We have the means to share our experiences in a way that our own mothers didn’t. Some people may find what I have to say absurdly boring but that’s OK, I don’t mind (must remember to find out how to turn off comments).

So, here it is. Welcome to my… my human experience sharing online musing forum? Ah, sod it. Welcome to my mommy blog.

Lizzie and Eva birthday

Lizzie xx