‘Nature walk’

Today is polling day, and I thought we may as well go for a spin around the block after I’d voted as the weather was so lovely. Besides, surely it’d be good to do a little suburban tree safari, spot a few minibeasts, encourage some junior mindfulness with a game of ‘I Spy’?

Except, this is the only position that Eva would consider the pram hood being in:


I can’t say that the baby (bare foot just visable in the photo), stashed in the infant seat beneath his sister in the buggy equivalent of steerage, had an especially good view either.

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Family photoshoot… lights, camera, tantrum!

What I didn’t mention in my last post – the one where I said I wasn’t afraid of giving birth again – is that I was due to, er, give birth again the following October. And I did! Although it actually ended up happening in November, which any calendar fan will tell you comes after October. The baby – a boy, called Alexander – was 15 days late, which I suppose is probably quite interesting in itself and I should almost certainly write about that.

I should also write about the fun tour of the hospital we had during labour and the larks we had bouncing around the special care ward during the week after. Also, the pros and cons of finding out the sex of your child, what to do when your episiotomy stitches dissolve a week before they’re supposed to and how to make the best use of cushions when you can’t sit down.

First of all, however, I would like to make a record of something far more traumatic than all of that – our first, and possibly last – family photoshoot.

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